About us

Radiant Cash Management Services (RCMS) was founded in March 2005 by Colonel David Devasahayam under the name of Radiant Cash Management Services Private Limited. We are an ISO-certified company, and an integrated cash logistics player with a leading presence in the retail cash management (“RCM”) segment of the cash management services industry in India and are one of the largest players in the RCM segment in terms of network locations or touchpoints served and on revenue or profitability as of Fiscal 2021. (Source: F&S Report). We provide services across 12,150 pin codes in India covering all districts (other than Lakshadweep) with more than 42,420 touch points serving more than 4,700 locations as of July 31, 2021. Our marquee clients include some of the largest foreign, private, and public sector banks, and the end-user of our services include some of the largest e-commerce companies, retail chains, NBFCs, insurance firms, e-commerce logistics players, railways, and retail petroleum distribution outlets.

What Do We Really Offer You?

Peace Of Mind.
Helmed by a former Army officer, Founder Col David Devasahayam hails from the Gorkha regiment, known for their bravery and success in protecting the country. The team extensively comprises ex-armed forces officers in key leadership roles, and together they steer the company with a culture of discipline, efficiency, and frugality. Ex-servicemen are present throughout the organization, ensuring that this culture trickles down to every last person.


Since 2005, RCMS has been synonymous with excellence and a proven track record of success. We are a market leader in retail cash management, promising the highest benchmarks of service. Our legacy speaks for itself, as does our ability to innovate and stay one step ahead of the curve.


You will be working with an ISO Company, one that uses ERPs to ensure smooth end-to-end processes.
We use technology that is second to none! We can integrate through APIs with third-party solutions.

About the Founder

Colonel David Devasahayam

Col. David Devasahayam is the Chairman and Managing Director and founder of our Company. He holds a bachelor’s degree in science from Jawaharlal Nehru University along with a master’s degree in science in defence studies from University of Madras. He has also completed the 44th session of the Owner/President Management Program at Harvard Business School. He has served in the Indian Army for over twenty four years. He has been associated with our Company since its incorporation in 2005. He has 18 years of experience in relation to his professional association with the Company. He received an award at the Security Leadership Summit in 2011 and was also awarded one of Asia’s Greatest Leader Award by ‘Asia One’ in 2018.

Key Awards & Accolades

Award of Excellence in entrepreneurship in Nov 2022 from Members of UK Parliament, House of Lords and Vice Chair of All- Party Parliamentary Group on UK India Trade & Investment for stewarding the Radiant Group of Companies.
The Company received an award at ‘Asia’s Greatest Brands 2018’ award in the Category ‘Cash Logistics Services’ by ‘Asia One’ magazine.
Was awarded the gold medal by the Institute of Economic Studies (IES) India at the “Global Economic Scenario” seminar held in Bangkok, Thailand.
Received the ‘Best Cash Management Services’ award at the 3rd State Conference CAPSI & APDI Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry chapter.

About his team

The Founder recognizes the incredible value that military veterans add to the workplace, with their unique skills, training, and discipline. The team at RCMS comprises ex-servicemen in key leadership and security roles, who are able to make the most of time and resources, leading the organization to success. With a strong work ethic, ownership of actions, core values of integrity and loyalty, self-direction, and motivation, they are able to run seamless, transparent, and efficient operations. Our workforce also boasts excellent communication skills and team players who put clients and their needs above all else. They are used to dealing with the highest levels of stress and finding successful solutions to these problems.  There is also an emphasis on future-forward values of diversity and inclusion in our workforce, thanks to the multicultural exposure that they possess from years spent with people from all backgrounds and walks of life.